by Amy Kaye Taylor



Home Hello!  Amy here.  I have been painting full time for about seven years and I have been running marathons and half marathons for about the same amount of time.  It is only now that I have decided to meld the two together and create Paint Running.  I am a landscape painter.  I found that some of my favorite places to run were also my favorite places to paint.  I love escaping into the trees and meadows of the local parks when I run and I know I am not the only runner who does.  The idea to paint runners came one day when I ran around a wooded bend and met a couple of ladies running toward me.  It was autumn and the scene of them running through the fall colors was inspiring.  Thus an idea was born and that idea keeps expanding.  Please join me as Paint Running continues to grow.  My specialties for sale include original oil paintings, limited edition prints, and memory boxes for your photos and medals.  As runners continue to inspire my paintings, my hope and intention is that my paintings in turn inspire the runners around me!